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Songs that Teach Advanced Math Facts and Concepts
Upper-Level Math and Algebra

These Advance Math lyrics are available from a variety of albums. Use these songs for teaching algebra, the order of operations, decimals, and fractions.

Advanced Math and Algebra Songs
      A Constant Ratio(Law of Sines) – The Trigs
      Bar Graph Dance–Science Maniacs
      Equations– Bryan Johnson
      Fraction Rock– Joe Crone
      The Fundamental Algebra Song– Tim Pacific
      Is the Name(Quadrilaterals) – The Trigs
      Linear Equations in Slope-Intercept & Point-Slope Forms– The Trigs
      Logic and Reasoning– The Trigs
      The Measurements I Know(Indirect Measurement) – The Trigs
      Multiplying Decimals– Jim Thompson
      My Apothem(Area of Polygons) – The Trigs
      Order of Operations- Jim Thompson
      The Order of Operations (PEMDAS)– Math Rocks
      Prime Numbers– Kathleen Wiley
      Prime Numbers– Jim Thompson
      The Prime Numbers Song– Tim Pacific
      Proofs Is Easy(Proofs) – The Trigs
      Range Dog (Median, Mode, Mean and Range)– Jim Thompson
      Rounding Numbers– Jim Thompson
      Slip to the Side (Rounding Numbers)– Joe Crone
      Use Metrics: Street Style– Math Rocks
      We're Talkin' Parallel(Parallel Lines) – The Trigs

Songs about Fractions and Decimals
      Adding & Subtracting Decimals– Jim Thompson
      Comparing Fractions– Bryan Johnson
      Dividing with Decimals– Kathleen Wiley
      Equivalent Fractions– Ron Brown
      Fraction Rock– Geometry Park
      Fractions (1/2, 1/3 and 1/4)– Kathleen Wiley
      The Funky Fractions Rap– Earth Tone Productions
      Improper Fractions– Ron Brown
      Invert and Multiply– Bryan Johnson
      Least Common Denominators– Bryan Johnson
      Line Up the Decimals– Bryan Johnson
      Multiplying Decimals– Bryan Johnson
      Multiplying Decimals– Jim Thompson
      Numerator and Denominator– Jim Thompson
      Simplify a Fraction– Tim Pacific
      Simplifying Fractions– Jim Thompson
      Using Railroad Tracks to Compare Fractions– Jim Thompson

Miscellaneous Math Songs
      Check Your Work– Professor Larry Lesser
      The Funky Fractions Rap– Earth Tone Productions
      The Metric Song– Kathleen Carroll
      The Metric System Rap– Earth Tone Productions
      The Metric System Song– Tim Pacific
      Smell My Feet (The Time Song)– Tim Pacific

Math Musical Plays
      Geometry: Polygons(10-Minute Mini) – Ron Fink and John Heath

Math Books
      Math Facts to the MAX! – Carl Sherrill
      MatheMagical Showtime! – Carl Sherrill
      RiddleMath – Carl Sherrill

Early Number and Counting Skills
      Please visit our Songs That Teach Early Number Concepts

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division Tables
      Please visit our Mathematics Songs for Elementary School

      Please visit our Geometry and Trigonometry Page

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