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Macaroni & Cheese
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Andrew Queen & Karen Stille

This song is available on Andrew Queen's GROW

This song is also available on Andrew Queen's Food Songs


My mom calls me a picky eater
But really… I like all kinds of food
Like cheeseburgers, pizza and spaghetti
Or chicken fingers if I’m in the mood
But there’s one thing I like better ’n all of these
I wish that I could always eat macaroni and cheese

Macaroni and cheese! Macaroni and cheese!
Won’t you make some for my dinner pretty please?
You say that greens are good to eat but they don’t taste good to me
Won’t you please make macaroni and cheese?

I’ll eat fruit if it’s blended into milkshakes
Tomatoes in the ketchup on my fries
I’ll eat carrots baked into a carrot cake
And pickles even though they’re just cucumbers in disguise
I’ll help you pick the green beans and even shell the peas
But please don’t put them on my plate -- I just want mac and cheese!

They hide sweet potato puree in my pancakes
They’re always trying to sneak in something green
Like spinach blended into my spaghetti sauce
And broccoli in my birthday cake! — Well that was just plain mean!
One day when I get older, I’ll eat anything, you’ll see
For now my all-time favourite is macaroni and cheese


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Many thanks to Andrew Queen for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Andrew Queen. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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