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SER cha cha
Spanish Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jim Nailon

This song is available on Jim Nailon's "Canciones de mi clase"

Teaching tips from Jim Nailon: 
     Make little signs with “él”, “ella”, “ellos”, “ellas” and “usted”. 
     Pick a boy to wear the “él” sign and a girl to wear the “ella” sign. The teacher wears “usted”.
     The rest of the boys are on one side of the room with the “ellos” sign. The girls are on the other side with “ellas”. Everyone points to his/her self when singing “yo,” a friend when singing “tú,” the teacher when singing “usted” and the individual boy and girl with signs for “él” and “ella”. 
     We inclusively point to all of us for “nosotros”, everyone else for “ustedes”, the group of boys for “ellos” and the group of girls for “ellas.”

Yo soy. Tú eres. Usted es
Él es y ella es. (Cha, cha, cha)

Yo soy. Tú eres. Usted es.
Él es y ella es. (Cha, cha, cha)

Nosotros somos.
Ustedes son.
Ellos son. (Clap, clap)
Ellas son. (Clap, clap)

Nosotros somos. 
Ustedes son.
Ellos y ellas son.
(Cha, cha, cha)



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Many thanks to Jim Nailon for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Jim Nailon. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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