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Cool Down
Excercise Song For Teaching about Cooling Down
GeoFitness - Dr. Debby Mitchell
Performed by Music with Mar.

This song is available on GeoFitness' "Excercise Your Smarts"


It's a cool down thing—my breathing's getting slower
I’m recovering—my heart rate's getting lower
I am moving slower—at a low intensity
Circulating blood—throughout all of me

After your workout—you need to cool down
You need to keep moving—can't go to the ground
Slow down your movements to help you recover
It helps avoid stiffness you will discover

Exercise similar to the warm‐up but slower
Your heart rate will drop and get lower and lower
Try a slow jog—slow down even more
Then walk in a circle around the floor

Reach your arms up high toward the sky
Then place them on your head—give it a try
Inhale and exhale—slow down your breathing
That's the effect you want to be achieving


Walking around keeps the blood from pooling
The entire time your body is cooling
The blood moves waste products—keeps your body clean
Like lactic acid—so you know what I mean

Step touch side to side—tap your toe
Swing your arms gently—try several in a row
Now tap your heel—crossing over in front
This may seem like an acrobatic stunt

Lyrics continued...
A copy of the complete lyrics are included with this download.

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Many thanks to Dr. Debby Mitchell for permission to display these lyrics.
© GeoFitness. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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