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If I Had...
Animal Action Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Andrew Queen

This song is available on Andrew Queen's Music & Movement Volume 1.

If I had the legs of a bullfrog
Out to the pond I would jump
Munching on blackflies and skeeters
Right from my favourite stump

If I had the jaws of a gator
Under the waters I’d lurk
Waiting for unsuspecting creatures
Then I’d snap and I’d snarl and I’d smirk

With an Ooh la la, Ooh la la, Ooh la
Ooh la la, Ooh la la lee. Whee- hee!
Ooh la la, Ooh la la, Ooh la
The swamp is the place for me

If I had the trunk of an elephant
Cross the savannah I’d roam
Looking for mud baths and waterholes
Until the day is done

If I had the arms of a monkey
Up through the jungle I’d climb
Munching on bugs and bananas
Swinging through branches and vines

. . The jungle’s the place for me

If I had the wings of a dragon
Over the mountains I’d soar
Burning down forests and villages
With a fiery shriek and a roar

And if I had the paws of a kitty cat
Out in the backyard I’d play
Sneaking and pouncing on butterflies
Until the end of the day

. . . The backyard’s the place for me



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Many thanks to Andrew Queen for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Andrew Queen. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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