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From Matisse to You
Biographical Song of Henri Matisse
Greg Percy

This song is available on Greg Percy's Songs in the Key of Art, Volume 2.


Your serigraphs look so nice to me
But I’m not so sure what they’re supposed to be
You put a yellow dot right next to a blue
And it seems like I could too

Bright shapes everywhere to my surprise
How did you get them to organize
Your signature on all you do
Says its from Matisse to you
Says its from Matisse to you

When I look closely I see a mess
What is this picture I couldn’t guess
But when I stand back and I take it all in
That’s when the fun begins


When you were older you cut paper instead
Never let your age go to your head
You used scissors like a kid would do
And we all wish we could too



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Many thanks to Greg Percy for permission to use this song sample.
© Greg Percy. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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