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Winter Sleigh Ride
Song for Celebrating the Winter Holidays - Lyrics and Sound Clip
Pam Minor and Karen Rupprecht

This song is available on Pam Minor and Karen Rupprecht's Winter Holiday Songs.

Let’s climb on up and settle in the seat
We can see our breath but we’re in for a treat
Slap those reins giddy up Ol’ Clyde
Hang on to your hats we’re going on a sleigh ride

We’ve donned our hats and coats and sweaters
And our mittens me oh my
We’re going to brave this frigid weather
Snow clouds hanging in the sky

Strap the sleigh bells round his withers
Oh my goodness look at Clyde
He stamps his feet he’s got the jitters
I think we’re in for quite a ride

Hear the runners make the snow crunch
Wind is whistling how it blows
Wrap that muffler to my eyeballs
I no longer feel my toes

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Many thanks to Pam Minor and Karen Rupprecht for permission to display these lyrics.
© Pam Minor and Karen Rupprecht. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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