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Pollution Patrol
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Caroline Figiel and Danny Jones

This song is available on Caroline and Danny's Kids' Value Pack.

We’ve got to pitch in, pick up, take a stand
Reuse, recycle, clean up this land.
It can’t just be your mom and dad
Your teacher, your neighbor or Uncle Fred.

Like when you’re at the park on a beautiful day
To swing, toss the ball, picnic and play.
Don’t just pass the garbage you found
Bend over, pick it up, get it off the ground.

Be a winner, be a star
Be the kid you know you are
Help out! Take control! 
Be part of the pollution patrol.

In the summer when it’s hot and you’re out in the sun
You go to the beach to swim and have fun.
Don’t want to hide your head way down in the sand
Collect the trash washed up on the land.


When you’re finished with the plastic, glass and cans
Don’t throw them in the trash. It’ll ruin our land.
Wash it all out, you got to understand
Reusing things is a pretty good plan


So get off the sofa, turn off the TV
Everyone’s part of the community.
Tell your neighbors, tell your friends
Taking care of the earth means everyone wins.


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Many thanks to Caroline and Danny for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© 2001 Caroline Figiel and Danny Jones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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