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Marvelous Money

Song for Teaching About Money
Lauren Mayer

Marvelous Money Song

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Money can be challenging, money can be fun
Something to learn for everyone
If you're gonna be responsible, gotta get a clue
About how to use money and what it can do

Comes in different sizes, different faces, different kinds
Quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies, get 'em in our minds
Different coins are worth different amounts
Which you’ve got to know so your money counts

Money, money, money, marvelous money
To save or spend, it can be your friend – whoo!
Money, money, money, marvelous money
If you don't want to lose it, learn how to use it
We're having lots of fun, learning about money,
Money, money, money, money - money! (2x)

A penny's made of copper and it has Lincoln's head
A silver nickel's 5 cents with Jefferson instead
A 10-cent dime has Roosevelt in his place
A quarter's 25 cents with Washington's face

Half dollars, silver dollars, dollar bills and more
And we're learning what each coin is for
When we started, this all sounded strange
But we've learned to add and count, and even how to make change


If you make a dollar out of quarters, it takes 4
Or you can count 10 dimes, and not one more
2 half dollars will do or 20 nickles in a pile
Or count 100 pennies, though it's gonna take a while
You can make a dollar in alot of different ways
Learning about money really pays!


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