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I Know the Colors of the Rainbow
Ella Jenkins

This song is available on Ella Jenkins' I Know The Colors In The Rainbow.

This song’s principal intention is to express a happy mood. Also the song hopes to bring about COLOR AWARENESS in the children – using some basic, familiar colors at first. The song might even set them off to chasing rainbows, seeking their individual pots of gold.

I know the colors in the rainbow,
I know them very well, I’d say,
So if any color is missing,
I’d know it right away
I’d know it right away.

RED Is A Color In The Rainbow
ORANGE Is A Color In The Rainbow
YELLOW Is A Color In The Rainbow
BLUE Is A Color In The Rainbow
PURPLE Is A Color In The Rainbow

After it rains, look up to the sky
There might be a rainbow way up high
Some people say, so I’ve been told
That at the rainbow’s end is a “Pot of Gold”

Ask your children if they know a color in the rainbow that is missing in the song. ( green )



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Many thanks to Educational Activities for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
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