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Don't let the Goo Get You
Environmental Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Stan Slaughter

This song is available on Stan Slaughter's Unintended Consequences

There are chemicals in our world today
that can be harmful in so many ways.
So hear my song, learn what to do
so some poison goo, don't get you.
It could drag you down, it could you sick,
so if the goo gets near, act mighty quick.

Don't let the goo get you.
Don't let the goo get you.

The goo can go right through your skin
so be careful what you put your hands in,
You could breath it in through your nose.
And if you can smell it, man you know where it goes.
You could eat it or drink it, then, it’d be inside.
You would take the goo for a ride.
You got to burn it up, sweat it out or
store it somewhere in your body somehow.

I won't let the goo get me.
Don't you let the goo get you.

It could burn, it could explode,
It could be flammable or caustic, and
you might not know, but
Don't just pour it down the drain, don't let that goo get out again
use it up, take it back, throw it away empty with a double wrap, but

Don't let the goo get you
Don't let the goo get you

Well, I'm smarter than that, I read the label, Jack.
I wear my goggles and gloves and breathers, Mack.
I ventilate. I wash my hands.
If we're gonna 'stop the goo, we gotta’ take a stand
You know, I'm gonna be safe every time,
This is not a fashion contest.

I'm not gonna let the goo get me.
Don't you let the goo get you.

You know you have a highly sensitive, portable chemical detector
mounted directly on the front of your face.
Its your nose! You need to use it!!!!!
Follow it, away from trouble. That's why they put it up front.

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Many thanks to Stan Slaughter for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Stan Slaughter. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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