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Make a Trap to Capture the Wind
Joan Maute, Ed.D.

This song is available on Joan Maute's The Alternative Energy Suite

See a boat go sailing 'cross a clear blue crystal bay.
See a kite go flying on a brisk and windy day.
The wind can help us to have some fun it can bring a smile to our face.
It blows around always on the run; it can help us win our race.

And the wind goes 'round turn it up and down,
It can help us doing a chore.
See the wheel spin 'round high above the ground.
.It can help us more and more.

Ancient people thought the wind was a god to fear and trust.
They caught the wind in sails of cloth be it gentle breeze or gust.
They used the wind to help irrigate; it ran mills for grain and wood.
We can learn from them for our present state, it can help us do some good.

And the wind goes 'round turn it up and down,
It could work a pump or a gear.
See the sail spin 'round high above the ground.
Bringing history very near.

People hang their clothes out to dry them in the breeze.
A bird can catch the wind and ride along it with great ease.
It's a simple task done by your or me make a trap to capture the wind.
It can do our work; it's pollution free; it can help us reach our end.

And the wind goes 'round turn it up and down,
What it does is now in our care.
See the bar spin 'round high above the ground.
It is present here and there.

They talk of building towers high atop some hill.
Or turbines, props, and rotors making power at our will.
They speak of huge generators, direct heat, storage and load.
We need ideas now and later to help us down the road.

And the wind goes 'round turn it up and down,
It's an answer we can't ignore.
See that blade spin 'round high above the ground.
Can you help it help us some more.
And the wind goes 'round turn it up and down...fade

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Many thanks to Joan Maute, Ed.D. for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Joan Maute, Ed.D. -- Studio 2. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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