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Teenager in Wasteland
Environmental Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Stan Slaughter

This song is available on Stan Slaughter's Unintended Consequences

I'm a teenager, teenager in wasteland
I look all around, say thanks, man
You got toxic waste up in my face
I got to live my whole life in this trashy place
I feel like a guinea pig, a victim
of this whole industrial system
I'm at the end of a complicated food chain
that links me to chemicals every day.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy,
I could be from
a one room hut in a third world slum
This is a problem that might come my way
I could be or fightin', shootin', starvin' today
This is place is fine, it just ain't perfect
There are problems we just can't neglect
Don't get me wrong, I'm just complaining
Its natural, like when its rainin'
They tell me that the tunes I'm jammin to
come from batteries full of mercury goo
and after they're gone they could leave us all a taste
of that alkaline energy hazardous waste
The one in my car it has acid and lead
a pleasant combination, leaves you dead
The good news is we can recycle all those
Recycle the lead 'til the lead mines close
My baby uses makeup, that's ok with me.

But junk she's usin' it oughta' be free
It's full of unknown ingredients,
buyin' this stuff don't make much sense
Hair spray, when you breath it, causes lung disease
Old mascara could put bugs in your eyes, you won't see
My girl's a champ, she don't need all of this
Its her, not the makeup, that I'm dealin' with
I am groovin when I'm cruisin' down the highway
But it's my own wheels spoil my day
the brakes they got dangerous asbestos,
oil keeps spillin' out on the road.

Gasoline, don't let it spill on ya
Antifreeze, my dog drinks it he's a goner
there’s tire dust in the air, pollution everywhere and
somehow all of this just don't seem fair
I'm teenager, Teenager in Wasteland
I look all around I say, thanks man
Every where I turn
don't take long to learn
the air ain't pure, the water ain't clean
I hope you soon get what I mean
We need a new design, take a little time
Think the system through, figure what to use
so that all the things we do, don't create all this goo
I wanna' stay in the human race.

Livin here's a game, that I would like to play
I'm gonna read the label, I ain't no chump
I ain't buyin' any more hazardous junk
Ya’ figure this, the money's just like a vote
We don't like it, we vote no
If we buy the good stuff, forget all the ads
sooner or later we will lose all the bad
I'm teenager, teenager in wasteland
I love it here. no Fear

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Many thanks to Stan Slaughter for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Stan Slaughter. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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