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Blow Out the Candles
A Birthday Song
Judy Leonard

The song is available on Judy Leonard's Round the World Party Mini Musical.

Blow out the candles
Today your wishes come true
Every country on earth says
Happy birthday to you
(repeat Chorus)

In England they’ve baked you a special cake
With lucky charms hidden inside
In Cuba they’ve made you a fishing well
And everyone catches a prize
Everyone catches a prize

They’re hanging flags from their
windows in Denmark
In Switzerland they’ve planted a tree
Your piñata is hanging in Mexico
Break it open for something sweet
Break it open for something sweet


Popsicle dolls and picture plates
And candy creatures from Ireland
Israel’s chosen a special chair
Where they'll lift you higher and higher,
They'll lift you higher and higher


CHORUS (round)

Happy Birthday to You!

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Many thanks to Judy Leonard for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© 1993 & 1995 J Thomas Tunes Music and Heartstrong Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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