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Little Red Hen
Children's Nursery Rhyme and Sound Clip
John "Kinderman" Taylor

This song is available on John "Kinderman" Taylor's Get Loose with Mother Goose Stories.

There was a little red hen
that lived on a farm
All day long she walked around the barn
She was searching and scratching
for something to eat
One day she found eight grains of wheat
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

She was just about to gobble it up
When all of the sudden she stopped abrupt
A good idea came into her head
I'll turn this wheat into a loaf of bread
But who is going to help me plant the wheat
But who is going to help me plant the wheat
But who is going to help me plant the wheat

I guess I'll have to ask
all the friends that I meet
Duck would you help me
plant the wheat?
Quack, quack, quack, quack
Not I said the duck,
I must go for a swim
But there is a dog,
why don't you ask him

Not I said the dog,
I must look for my bone
But there is a pig, he's all alone
Not I said the pig,
I must rest in the mud
But there is a cat,
why don't you give her a buzz?

Not I said the cat, I must sleep in the sun
But if she does it herself
she’ll have all the fun
Who’s going to help me plant the wheat?
I guess I have to do it by myself
And she did!

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Many thanks to John Kinderman Taylor for permission to display these lyrics.
© John Taylor. All rights reserved.

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