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We All Laugh (In the Same Language)
Marla Lewis

This song is available on Marla Lewis' We All Laugh in the Same Language  

This song is available as an individual song download & instrumental track

Carlos says “Hola”
Sun Lee says “Nee-how.”
Chantal says “Bonjour”
Mario says, “Ciao.”
Sasha says, “Pri-vyet”
Thomas says “Jambo”
Sarala says, “Mah-rah-ba”
Kaitlyn says, “Hello” (but)

           We all laugh in the same language
           We all love to learn and play
           Our hearts beat in the same rhythm
           Round the world, we’re all the same
           We all cry when we feel sorrow
           We all love our family
           We all pray for a better tomorrow
           Round the world, you and me

Raj rides a rickshaw
Nigel takes the bus
Gabe drives a bobsled
Cynda walks through dust
Early each morning 
Just like me and you
Children all around the world
Are on their way to school! (oh)

           We’re Ebony, ivory
           Bronze and gold and tan
           We’re citizens of Planet Earth
           A Family of Man


We all laugh in the same language---------

Caucasian, Eurasian, Tibetan, Malaysian
Our hearts beat in the same rhythm------
Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese
We all cry when we feel sorrow-----
Algerian, Syrian, Lithuanian, Rumanian
We all pray for a better tomorrow-----
Bantu, Hebrew, Cree, Aborigine
We all laugh in the same language---------
Alsatian, Croatian, Russian, Prussian
Our hearts beat in the same rhythm------
Hopi, Cherokee, Navajo, Seminole
We all laugh in the same language---------
American, Canadian, Mexican, Arcadian


Activities for “We All Laugh in the Same Language”
Did you know that every family in America – except Native American families – came to the U.S. from another country? 
     For example, Sun Lee’s parents came here from China. 
     Mario’s great-grandparents came here from Italy.
     My grandparents came here from Russia and Poland.
Where does YOUR family come from? ____________________________
When did they first come to the U.S.? ___________________________
What language, besides English, is spoken in your family? ______________
How do you say “hello” in this language? ___________________________
On this map of the world, color in the country or countries where your family members came from. Trace the route they took to come to the United States.

New York State Learning Standards Addressed

English Language Arts 
     1. Students will listen, speak, read and write for information and understand. As listeners and readers, student will collect data, fact, and ideas; discover relationships, concepts and generalizations.
Social Studies - Geography
     1. Students will use a variety of intellectual skills to demonstrate their understanding of the world in which we live -- local, national, and global – including the distribution of people, places and environments over the earth’s surface.
     2. Students will show appreciation of other cultures by identifying and comparing the physical, human, and cultural characteristics of different regions and people.


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Many thanks to Marla Lewis for permission to display these lyrics and lesson suggestions.
© Plumjuice Music / ASCAP. All rights reserved.


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