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Look Over Here
Song for Encouraging Eye Contact and Tracking
Tuned in to Learning

This song is available on Tuned in to Learning Volume 8: Skill Building for Students with Multiple Disabilities.

Sample IEP Objective for this Song:
      Given cuing through song, the student will make eye contact with an object or instrument held by the instructor within 10 seconds of the instruction “Look over here.” in 6 out of 8 trials.


Look, look, over here. Look, look, over here.
Look, look, look. Look with your eyes over here.
I’ll point my finger to show you where. Look over here!

(This song sequence repeats 4 times.)


      Hold up an object or music instrument for the student to track during the song. Percussion instruments including wind chimes, a rainstick with visible beads, a “Radiant Head” Remo® tambourine, or an ocean drum are good choices as they have both high visual and auditory appeal. See the back cover of the booklet (included) for instrument resources.
      Once the student can respond with consistency, begin to move the object/instrument across midline for the student to follow with eye gaze.




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Many thanks to Tuned in to Learning for permission to display these lyrics.
© Tuned in to Learning. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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