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Move Your Hands
Song for Encouraging Motor Participation
For People of All Ages with Physical Disabilities
Tuned in to Learning

This song is available on Tuned in to Learning Volume 8: Skill Building for Students with Multiple Disabilities.

Sample IEP Objective for this Song:
      Given song cuing, the student will show independent motor participation by producing a sound on a percussion instrument for a duration of 5 seconds on 5 separate occasions within a 2 minute period.


Move your hands to the beat of this song.
Grab something and play along. Move your hands!

C’mon everybody get in the groove.
Listen to the music and make your move. Move your hands!


      This song can be used in conjunction with range of motion exercises (guided by a trained adult) or as a strategy to increase the student’s purposeful hand use or cause & effect awareness.
      To encourage motor participation and cause & effect, engage the student in play with a music instrument or other sound-making item that is accessible for his or her motor abilities. Good instrument choices include adapted shakers or bells with Velcro® or elastic cuffs, wind chimes, or an instrument that has a specialized mount. See the back cover of the booklet (included) for instrument resources.




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Many thanks to Tuned in to Learning for permission to display these lyrics.
© Tuned in to Learning. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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