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Little Magic Words

Song for Teaching About How to Use the Words:
Please, Excuse Me and Thank You
Marilyn M. Linford

Little Magic Words Song

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There are words that work like magic. 
They're words that you should say.
Please, excuse me, thank you. 
Try saying them today.

When you need help from someone
The word you say is please.
You ask them please to help you
With something you may need.
("Please may I have a drink of water."?)

Use the words excuse me,
When you find you've been wrong.
Choose to say excuse me it doesn't take too long.
("Excuse me I stepped on your toe".)

Thank you is a kind phrase;
It's good and so polite.
You say thank you to people
That help you do what's right.
("Thank you for being my good friend.")

Please, excuse me, thank you. 
They're words that you should say.
Please, excuse me, thank you.
Try saying them today.
Please, excuse me, thank you!

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