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One Star
Inspirational Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Hank Fellows

This song is available on The Hank Fellows New American Collection.  

This song, instrumental version, and sheet music, is also available as an individual download.

Promises may come and go,
Just like people, I have learned,
But through the years
And through the tears,
I know where I can turn.

One Star to light my way
When night is all around.
One Star at close of day,
When friends cannot be found.

One Star above my head
When all my plans are gone,
And when at last I raise my eyes,
One Star still leads me on.

One Star that’s never failed
When I’ve been so alone,
For time after time,
When the last hope was gone,
There was always One Star to lead me on.

(Repeat Verse)

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Many thanks to Hank Fellows for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Hank Fellows. All rights reserved. Used with permission



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