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If You Know What I Mean
Science Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
The Trigs

This song is available on the Trigs' Ana and the Telophase.

Macromolecules have the carbon
That is bonded with the hydrogen
You’ve got the lipids and the carbs and the proteins
And nucleic acids if you know what I mean

Verse 1
First let’s talk about the carbohydrates
They are fast energy for your body
There are mono-, di-, and polysaccharides
That’s one and two and more simple sugars combined
If you need quick energy eat carbohydrates
When your body needs more fuel they will disintegrate
They release energy when broken down by your body
They are like the fast food version of energy

Verse 2
If the carbs are fast then lipids are slow
If you want long term they are the way to go
The lipids are not water soluble
But they are a rich source of energy don’t you know
Another word for lipids is fat molecules
They are necessary for your body to use
They make the walls of the cells within you
And you better be believin’ that is not their only use

Carbohydrates are fast energy while
The lipids store the energy for later
The proteins are the building blocks of all life
And nucleic acids are the code we live by

Verse 3
Every protein has a different function
From the structure of the cell to the locomotion
They are formed in the cell by ribosome transcription
And they are made of amino acids
So then we have the final macromolecule
Nucleic acids are the basis of what makes you you
DNA is the one that tells the cells what to do
And RNA is the special delivery molecule


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Many thanks to The Trigs for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© The Trigs. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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