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That Sweet Oxygen
Science Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
The Trigs

This song is available on the Trigs' Ana and the Telophase.

Verse 1
When the blood leaves the heart its oxygen is gone
It travels through the arteries on its way to the lungs
Where it gets filled right back up with that sweet oxygen
And it travels through the veins and into the heart again

You got your heart and your lungs and the vessels of blood
The veins and arteries where the blood is carried
The circulatory system is important
There’s the cardiovascular and the lymphatic
Systems that both go to work together
They move different fluids throughout the body

Verse 2
Well the heart it pumps the blood out the aortic valve
Where it starts on a journey throughout your body
It drops off its oxygen and it picks up the waste
Which is filtered by your liver before doing it again

The lymphatic system is a little different
It helps facilitate the transfer between the blood and the cells
It moves something we call lymph which is created when
The interstitial fluid enters into the lymphatic system

Verse 3
You see the blood well it can’t touch the cells it needs to supply
So there’s a layer of something called interstitial fluid
It lets the blood pick up and drop off all of the oxygen and stuff
And when it’s done it goes into the lymphatic system


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Many thanks to The Trigs for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© The Trigs. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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