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Kingdom Phylum Class and Order
Song For Teaching About Classification
Professor Boggs

This song is available on Professor Boggs' Life Science Pack

This song is also available on Professor Boggs' Round the World with Science!

Kingdom phylum class and order, family genus species
All those plants and mammals, all the birds and fishies
Everything that flies and walks and all the things on leashes
Are kingdom phylum class and order, family genus species

Now classifying all of life's a complicated game
And who made up the rules for this? Linnaeus was his name
He said we need a two-part name for everything in nature
The genus and the species that's binomial nomenclature


It's sort of like the countries, states, cities, neighborhoods
Each step down there's fewer things to count, and that is good!
Through similarity of forms the groups were all created
But DNA's our perfect clue to how we're all related!


Our kingdom is animialia, our phylum is chordata
Mammalia's that class of ours, the order is primata
Family's hominidae, we're getting near the end now
Homo sapiens is what we call you and your friends now!


Now the kingdoms got confusing so they added the domains
Archaea, Bacteria, Eukaryota were their names
Eukaryotes are most of the familiar life we've charted
But don't forget that single cells are how all life got started!


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Many thanks to Larry Morris (Professor Boggs) for permission to display these lyrics and comments.
© Professor Boggs. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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