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Que Bonita Bandera
(What a Beautiful Flag)
Traditional Song, Puerto Rico
Anna E. Kravis

This song is available on Anna E. Karvis' Son Los Colores de Mi Mundo

(Lyrics repeat, except the name of the flag changes with each verse.)

Que bonita bandera, what a beautiful flag.
Que bonita bandera, la bandera de Puerto Rico.

On the album the following countries are inserted for each verse:
Peru / Mexico / El Salvador / Columbia / Nicaragua.

Find and print flag outlines from the internet of each of the six countries above. Have six groups of children, one group for each of the countries in the song. Each child in the group gets an outline flag to color, which will be the flag you have given their group. For older grades, each group can research interesting facts about their country.

You can choose the flags of other Latin American countries you want to have in this song, using the karaoke track to sing with.

To expand this song globally, explore the countries of origin of all the families of the children in your class. What countries around the world did their parents or grandparents originally come from? Use the karaoke track to sing about the flags of the children’s families of origin.

Have children color in outlines of the flags with appropriate colors, and hold up their flag as they come to their flag in the song. Paste a photo of each child on the flag they have made. Decorate your classroom with these flags. This has become an even more multi-cultural song!

This is a great concert selection for singing and waving colorful flags from many lands. Children can stand on a line on stage, and step forward when their flag comes up in the song.

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Many thanks to Anna E. Kravis for permission to display these lyrics.
© Baby Rose Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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