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The Echo Blues
Song for Encouraging Responses with Voice Output Devices
Used in Speech Therapy
Tuned in to Learning

This song is available on 
      Tuned in to Learning Volume 8: Skill Building for Students with Multiple Disabilities 

Sample IEP Objective for this Song:
      Given song cuing, the student will demonstrate growing abilities in communication by initiating a response (such as “Hey”) vocally or using a voice output device in 2 out of 3 opportunities over 6
consecutive trial days.

Let’s sing the echo blues.
I’ll shout and you shout too. Say Hey!
I’ll shout out and you shout too.
We’ll sing the echo blues. Say Hey!

      Have a voice output device such as a BigMack® switch pre-programmed with “Hey!” before you begin.
      After each “Say hey!” cue, encourage the student to hit the switch. If the student responds before the time is up, you can engage him or her in movement to the music or other animated interaction. Students working on vocal initiation can also be encouraged to vocalize “Hey” during the song.


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Many thanks to Tuned in to Learning for permission to display these lyrics.
© Tuned in to Learning. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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