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Word Makin' Machine

Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
David Kisor

This song is available on Music in My Mouth: Songs for Speech & Language Skills

Dance and Movement Tips
· As the song begins, children can pump their hands at their sides like an engine
pumping or roll their hands like the tires rolling along the road.
· Have fun and let kids play their "air guitars" and do their best Elvis as they rock out
to this fun song!


I'm a word makin' machine
I was built to talk
My words are like a fancy car
I don't have to walk

A car uses power
To turn the wheels
I use my words to express the way I feel

My brain is like the starter
That's where the word begins
Air in the lungs is gasoline
Gotta let that fuel on in

My voice box is the motor
An engine makin' sound
Then my lips and teeth and tongue
Move the sound around

I'm a word makin' machine
From start to finish and everything in between
Too cool to go fast
I'm just cruisin' the scene
I'm a word makin' machine


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Many thanks to David Kisor for permission to display this biography and music.
© Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Children, Inc. & Kisor Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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