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So Many Ways I Can Help
Teaching Children to Be Helpful in the Community
Todd Werner

This song is available on Todd Werner's Character Counts.

So many ways I can help
It doesn’t matter if I’m big or small
I might not have it all together
But together we have it all
So come on and give it your all.

I can use my imagination
It can tell me how to help, when and who
It almost hurts my brain you know
To think of all the things I can do
There must be a million and two


Whether I’m at school or I’m home
There’s people who depend upon me
So when I’m sure to do my part
I’m happier than a chimpanzee
Yea, Livin’ up in a big old tree


Would any of you like to help
Then raise both hands if you do
And shout it out like a rooster does
Say… Yes I can help too
Singing Cock a doodle doodle doo


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Many thanks to Todd Werner for permission to display these lyrics.
© Songs for the Soul Records. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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