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Cloud Families
Song for Teaching about Different Types of Clouds
Joan Maute, Ed.D.

This song is available on Joan Maute's Clouding the Issue.

Look at the clouds up in the sky,
Tell me what you see,
If they're all the same to your eyes,
Well you're a lot like me.

I used to think that clouds were clouds,
But now I've changed my tune.
They do a lot more than block the sun
And I'll sing their song to you.

Clouds have their own families
That look and act alike.
But just like brothers and sisters,
They're different as day and night.

The stratus clan when low is fog
They're usually not real thick.
So they will rarely rain on you
Nimbo stratus does that trick.

Cumulus are heaped up clouds
With bottoms that are flat.
Their cauliflower tops are pretty fair
But towering ones change that.

Cirrus clouds like flying high,
Of ice crystals they are made.
They often look just like a mare's tail,
So they shouldn't make you afraid.

So now you know three main families,
From bottom to the top.
Stratus, cumulus, and cirrus,
And it's time for me to stop.

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Many thanks to Joan Maute, Ed.D. for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Joan Maute, Ed.D. -- Studio 2. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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