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The Boogie Woogie Pumpkin Man
Halloween Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
The Piano Lady: Wendy Rollin

This song is available Wendy Rollin's "Holiday Songs"

Boogie Woogie Pumpkin Man of Halloween
His face is orange.
His stem is green.
He says, "Yah!"
He says, "Wooo!"
Run real fast...


     Singers should dance and rock in rhythm while singing.
     Touch "face."
     Make a "stem" on top of your head with your forefinger.
     Make scary hands for "yah" and "wooo."
     Shake silly hands for "silliest thing."
     During Verse 2, singers should pretend to be playing boogie woogie piano -- then play it up
          high and play it down low -- while rocking in rhythm.
     End with outstretched vibrating hands on "Yeaaaaah!"



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Many thanks to The Piano Lady, Wendy Rollin, for permission to display these lyrics.
© Wendy Rollin Piano Lady Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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