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Artichokes and Brussel Sprouts
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jackie Cytrynbaum

This song is performed on Fran Avni's Artichokes and Brussel Sprouts.

Artichokes and brussels sprouts –
Do I have to eat them?
Artichokes and brussels sprouts –
I would rather leave them
Artichokes and brussels sprouts –
Turnips, leeks and yams -
I would rather have just peanut butter and jam!
The sun was shining, It was very very hot.
We packed a lunch and went to the park
They took out tuna salad, coleslaw and eggs
But when I reached for choc’late cake
I found these instead


We went to the baseball game to see the Yankees play
The score was tied at the bottom of the eighth
They called out, "Hot dogs, soda pop and ice cream."
I bought a bag of popcorn
And when I looked inside


We went to grandma’s to have our Sunday dinner
There was a turkey that was roasted so brown
Cranberry sauce, corn and some fritters
Then with a cheery smile she said
“Try some of these”


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Many thanks to Jackie Cytrynbaum for permission to display these lyrics.
Words and music © Jackie Cytrynbaum.  All rights reserved.



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