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The Rumpus in the Rainforest
Teacher Reviews

"It was a smash hit. You claimed it would be easy to do a musical, and you were right. The two school performances went so well that we took the show on the road to two nursing homes, which we hope now to make an annual tradition. We enjoyed the experience so much we convinced our third grade to do one your plays, too."

---Sara Belyea, Teacher (2nd grade), Rutgers Preparatory School, Somerset, NY

"It was fab, fab, fab! Thanks again for the terrific musical. I am quite new to a long established school ---raised my profile with the parents enormously! We had fantastic fun and folk were saying it was the best they have ever seen."

---Trisha Mills, Teacher (Years 3/4), Flitcham Primary, Norfolk, UK

"We performed 'Rumpus in the Rain Forest' for the whole school. We loved the dialogue, the songs, and everything else. The paresnts were impressed, and the students in the audience loved it! A few of them told me, 'I wish MY teacher did plays with us!' This was a perfect culmination to our rainforest unit."

---Margaret Bergamin, Teacher (1st/2nd grades) Sundance Elementary, San Diego, CA

"At first I was a little nervous about the quantity of songs the children had to learn but they had no problem at all. I thought the way the play was written, the way the music was performed and the general tips that were given in the book were wonderful. Everyone loved the show and couldnt say enough about how well the children performed it."

---Ms. Patak, Teacher (2nd grade) Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary School, Jamaica, NY

"The songs were easy to learn. I could adapt the parts to fit the number of students in my class. The songs could be sung as solos or multiple students could sing. Costumes and stage props could be simple or as elaborate as you wanted. All students, regardless of their actual part, felt like an important member, and some students who struggle academically were able to really shine throughout the play."

---Amy Hill, Teacher, (3rd grade), Wayne Elementary, Wayne, NE

"Songs were easy for the kids to learn, and the costume suggestions were wonderful. It added a demension for students to explore the arts. It was an opportunity for students that are not strong academically to excell in the arts. I was able to see a side of students that is often hidden in a desk - acting. It was a connection from science to geography to music; it is wholistic learning."

---Hilde Cline, Teacher, (3rd grade), Vine Street Elementary, Aberdeen, MS

"The children loved the show. We loved the music. I think it was great for my kids' self-esteem. They will remember doing the play---and the parents loved it."

---Mary Skreik, Teacher (2nd grade), Washburn Elementary, Washburn, WI

"It was a unique experience that cleverly wove the messages and concepts through word and song. You would have been so proud of our children as they worked with me during recess to develop the unique choreography that added to the splendor of your creation. Children realized it was OK to let their inhibitions go. Many discovered a hidden talent for song, acting and dance. Everyone had so much fun working in the multilevel experience. We all laughed a great deal!"

---Jane Aikens, Teacher, (5th-8th grade), St. Maria Goretti School, Schiller Park, IL

"The music was excellent, and so were the number of speaking parts. It was perfect for our small rural school."

---Debra Vance, Teacher (Pre K-5), Panther Creek Elementary, Valera, TX

"Our class has performed this play about four times in the last six years. I keep coming back to it because of the uplifting message and fantastic music."

---Sharon Silverglate, Teacher (3rd grade), Mar Vista Elementary, Aptos, CA





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