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Lower Canada Rebellion Rap
Song by Shawna Audet and The Overlanders

This song is available as a free download.
(Right click the link and "save as".)

In 1837, there was great unrest among the French speaking population of Lower Canada. The French people were upset because the government catered to a small group of powerful (mostly English) citizens. This elite group was known as the "Chateau Clique." Louis Papineau's inspiring speeches stirred the French into action. Wolfred Nelson led the rebels into battle.


Let me tell a little story 'bout a guy named Pap

This is the Lower Canada Rebellion rap

The French were angry at the government's ways

They wanted more say, more pay, more "parler" did I hear you say Anyway,


There was a bunch guys from the Chateau Clique

They had all the money and they kept the French meek

They snagged the best jobs, let no one else speak

They had a greedy streak, those geeks, those power freaks


Pap put 92 ideas on the list He said, "Hey, Brits, do you get my drift?"

Lord Russell laughed, it made Pap miffed

The French got zip, they got ripped,

and so they made a fist


Nelson told the French to make bullets from spoons

Toronto sent a force of their strongest goons

At St. Denis the French sang a victory tune

Pap ran too soon, before noon, he didn't see the bodies strewn


St. Charles wasn't much of a fight

The French thought the canon was a terrible sight

The Brits charged in with all their might

The French ran away in fright, no delight


St. Eustache was a whole different story

Were talk'in three years before 1840

The Brits burned the French alive and it was gory

Sad story, the Brits weren't even sorry


The story is done, America kept Pap 12

rebels got hung, they had to take the rap

58 rebels found Australia on the map

Bermuda sent 'em back, how do you like that, Pap?



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If you enjoy this song, you may want to contribute to the Bulkley Valley Museum via Shawna Audet's Ultimate Canadian History Site.

Many thanks to Shawna Audet for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Shawna Audet. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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