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Alfabeto en Español
Spanish Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Dr. Jean Feldman

 Spanish   English
This song, in English and in Spanish is available on Ole! Ole! Ole! Dr. Jean en Español.

Click here to see Dr. Jean's similar lyrics in English.


A para abrazar (hug)
B para bailar (dance)   
C para comer (eat)
D para dormir (sleep)      
E para ejercicio (exercise)
F  para felicitar (congratulate)
G para galopar    
H para hablar (talk)
I para iguana
J para jugar (play)
K para kanguro (canguro)(kangaroo)
L para lanzar (throw)
M para marchar (march)
N para nadar (swim)  
O para oler (smell)
P para pintar (paint)
Q para quebrar (break)
R para reir (laugh)  
S para saltar (jump)      
T para tomar (drink)
U para untar (spread)
V para volar (fly)  
W para WOW!  
X para xilofono  
Y para yoyo    
Z para zapatos (shoes)

Las letras del alfabeto usted deb
Aprenda las letras y usted podra

      Enlarge alphabet pictures and use them to make a book or chart to go along with the song.
      Let children illustrate different letters of the alphabet and create your own version of this song.


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Many thanks to Dr. Jean Feldman for permission to display these lyrics.
© Dr. Jean Feldman. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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