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Songs about Water Conservation and Clean Water

These songs about water conservation and clean water are available from a variety of albums: 

      Can it! Save the Planet!– Music with Mar.
      Ecosystems– Science Maniacs
      Every Little Drop of Water– Fred Gee
      Listen to the Water– Bob Schneider
      The Storm Drain Song– Stan Slaughter
      Mighty River Running Strong– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
      Little Steam– Douglas Wood
      The Storm Drain Song– Stan Slaughter
      Sweet and Sour Rain– Chris Rawlings
      Water in the Air– Skip West
      Waste Not, Want Not– Two of a Kind
      Water Cycle Song– Foster Brown
      The Water Cycle– Lauren Mayer
      Watershed– Stan Slaughter
      Way Down Deep (Inside the Ocean)– Fran Avni
      We're all Connected– Stan Slaughter

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       Songs about Nature and Preserving our Environment

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