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Jack and the Beanstalk
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Shauna Tominey

This song is available on Shauna Tominey's Fairy Tale Favorites

Jack sold his cow for some magic beans.
And told Mom it was the best offer he’d seen.
He planted them deep in the ground that night.
And early next morning, they gave him such a fright.

Up, up, up, up, up they grew
As high as the clouds and up on through.
Jack started climbing high as could be
And up at the top a new land he did see.

Everything was giant, as massive as could be.
Jacked walked to a house and knocked so heavily.
A giant woman answered and let him in.
She held him in her hand and stroked his little chin.

She fed him breakfast and dinner too.
Then she said watch out or my husband will eat you.
He’ll soon be home from work so you better hide.
Hide in my pocket, you’ll be safe inside.

Not a minute later, he came through the door
The giant whose footsteps shook the floor.
What do I smell, there’s a man inside.
Fee fi fo fum, from me he cannot hide.

The giant’s wife replied I don’t know what you mean
There has been no man through these doors I’ve seen.
Why don’t you go nap and close your eyes.
I will come and wake you, when it’s time to rise.

The giant went to bed and to Jack the wife said,
Take these coins of gold to keep your family fed.
Please come back and visit me someday again.
Until then remember I will always be your friend.

The next morning. . .

(Complete lyrics included with this download)

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Many thanks to Shauna Tominey for permission to display these lyrics.
© Shauna Tominey. All rights reserved. Used with permission.



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