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Punk Rock States
Teaching the Southeast United States and their Capitals
Joe Crone

This song is available on Joe Crone's Geometry Park.

In the State of Arkansas,
The capital is Little Rock.
Mardi Gras in Louisiana State,
Baton Rouge always parties late.

Mississippi has the cotton fields,
Jackson, and the riverboat wheels.
Montgomery’s in the Yellow Hammer,
Known as the State of Alabama.

The Southeast States are
Easy to learn to a punk guitar.
So yell loud and jump around
To the capital cities and the punk rock sound!

Got my slide guitar in Tennessee,
Playin’ that old Nashville Country.
Place your bets in Kentucky,
Frankfort, and the horse derby.

The sun shines in Florida,
Tallahassee oranges, I saw.
Georgia is Atlanta’s home,
Peanuts, pecans and peaches are known.


North Carolina’s where you gotta go,
To try Raleigh’s sweet potato.
And South Carolina is the Palmetto,
And Columbia is the city to know.

In West Virginia I have a lot of fun,
Hanging out in Charleston.
Virginia’s the home of the Pentagon
Along with the city of Richmond.




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Many thanks to Joe Crone for permission to display these lyrics.
© Joe Crone. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Joe Crone is available for school visits, concerts, integrated arts workshops for educators, and speaking engagements. For more information check out Joe's web site at: www.joecrone.com or email him directly at: joecrone@hotmail.com



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