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Songs About Bugs, Insects, Spiders and Slugs

Songs for Teaching Characteristics of Arthropods & Gastropods

These bug song lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

A Conversation Between an Entomologist & an Insect – Jeff & Paige
The Amazing Ant – Sam Jones
Ants! Ants! Ants! – Ron Brown
Aphid Banquet For Two – Jeff & Paige
B-B-B Bugs – Ron Brown
Bannana Slugs – The Banana Slug String Band
Bugs – Susan Harrison
Bumblebee – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
Black Widow – Jeff & Paige
Busy Bee – Music with Mar.
Butterfly Song – Andrew Murray
Butterfly – Mary Jo Huff
Butterfly Quiet Down Song – Stephanie Burton
The Caterpillar – Margie La Bella
The Caterpillar Crawled – Kiboomu Kids Songs
Cattail Diner – Foster Brown
The Great Monarch Migration – Jeff & Paige
Habitat – Bill Oliver
I'm an Ant – Jennifer Fixman
Insect Song – Foster Brown
It's a Snail – Ron Brown
Lady Bug – Mary Jo Huff
Lady Bug Rap – Music with Mar.
The Lady Bug Song – Betsy Rose
Lady Bugs Fly – Kiboomu Kids Songs
Mosquito – Jeanne Nelson and Hector MarĂ­n
Mr. Cricket – Foster Brown
My Mother is a Butterfly – Sam Jones
Six Leg Boogey – Stan Slaughter
Spider or an Insect? – Ron Brown
Spiders – Foster Brown
Spunk The Spider – Prue Whoo
Water Bugs – Ron Brown
Where are the Bees? – Music with Mar.

Songs About Bats (Animals that Eat Bugs)
Bat – Foster Brown
Bats Eat Bugs – The Banana Slug String Band
Bats (Oh Baby) – Jeff & Paige
Bring Back the Bat – Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni

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