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Touch The Future
Inspirational Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Jim Rule

This song is available Jim Rule's Let It Shine!

Dedicated to the memory of Christa MacAuliffe.

Touch the future. Teach a child.
Touch the future. Teach the children.
For they will still go on
Long after we are gone,
But we can make them strong just as long as we can reach.
Touch the future. Choose to teach.

Build a bridge to reach tomorrow,
And they will see what they can be
reflected in your eye, each time you share your smile,
And if you want to Touch the future, teach a child

God grants each of us a lifetime,
And what we do makes dreams come true.
So point them toward the sky. We only have a while,
And if you want to Touch the future, teach a child.

Every time you help them try to be the best that they can be,
Hold the ladder. Let them climb up high and see what they can see.
Share with them your questions and your dreams.
They will have their own,
And we can rest assured when they are grown.

Touch the future. Teach them -

Love alone is not enough no matter what they say.
Teach the children right from wrong and live it every day.



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Many thanks to Jim Rule for permission to display these lyrics.
© Jim Rule. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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