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Songs for Teachers™
And for parents who love to teach!

These songs for teachers lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

Songs for Teachers™ and Parents
     A Smile and a Kind Word– "Prudence Pennypack and Pamela Pigella"
     Celebrate– Debbie Clement
     Endurance– Vitamin L
     I Didn't Give Up– Rock Solid Kids
     It Starts in the Heart– Jack Hartmann and Dr. Becky Bailey
     Kids Are The Future– Skip West
     Listen!– Paulette Meier
     Rules– Jan Nigro
     Thankful– Listen & Learn
     The Thankful Song– Marilyn M. Linford
     Thanks to You– Daria
     That Is a Mighty Power– Vitamin L
     We Can Move the World– Joe Crone
     With These Hands– Vitamin L
     Today's Children, Tomorrow's Future– Music with Mar.
     Touch The Future– Jim Rule

More Songs for Teachers™
     Classroom Management Songs
     Test-Taking Skills Songs
     School Songs for Children

Laurence Conway's Songs for Positive Schools
     A Good Way to Learn
     Aim High
     Don't Leave A Mess At Lunch Time
     Full Attendance is Great!
     No-one Here Does Copying
     Our Multicultural School
     School Uniforms
     Times For Talking and Times For Listening
     We Appreciate Having School

Also available:
     School Songs
     Graduation Song Lyrics

     School Concert Songs





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