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Addition and Subtraction Songs

These addition songs and subtraction songs are available from a variety of albums. Use them for teaching skip counting, place value, word problems, buying and selling.

Songs for Teaching Addition (Including Skip-Counting Songs)
      4 Plus Song– Alan Stern
      7 Plus Song– Alan Stern
      The 9 Rule– Jeff Schroeder
      10 Silly Monkeys– Jack Hartmann
      Add and Step On Ones Rap– Music with Mar.
      The Add and Subtract Body Part Dance– Jack Hartmann
      Add At a Circus– Music with Mar.
      Add It On– Jennifer Fixman
      Add One More – Ron Brown
      Adding Doubles– It All Adds Up
      Addition/Subtraction Word Clues Song– Tim Pacific
      Alligator 10 More (Adding 10 to Any Number)– Jennifer Fixman
      Bouncing Kangaroos Adding with Six– Music with Mar.
      Climbing Ladybugs Adding with Nine– Music with Mar.
      Columns– Arnold Rosenthal
      Count-Ons– Jeff Schroeder
      Counting 2's to 20 – Ron Brown
      Counting by 1, 2, 5 and 10– Jennifer Fixman
      Double It Up– Jennifer Fixman
      Doubles Plus One– Jeff Schroeder
      Eight Jumping Adding Puppies– Music with Mar.
      Fact Family– Music with Mar.
      If You Know How to Count, You Can Add by One!– Marla Lewis
      Know Those 10's– Jennifer Fixman
      Numbers With a 1– Listen & Learn
      The Pizza Eating Alligator– Jennifer Fixman
      Random Addition Quiz– Alan Stern
      Round it Off– Arnold Rosenthal
      Solving "Real Life" Problems– Jeff Schroeder
      Ten Adding, Swinging Monkeys– Music with Mar.
      When You're Adding Boxes– Kathleen Wiley
      You Carry Over– Arnold Rosenthal

      Zero the Hero Exercise and Count – Jack Hartmann

Songs for Teaching Subtraction
      13 Minus Song – Alan Stern
      Bluesy Subtraction– Music with Mar.
      Fact Family– Music with Mar.
      Five Fish (Subtraction) – Ron Brown
      Five Hopping Subtracting Frogs– Music with Mar.
      Long Subtraction– Learning By Song/Barbara Speicher
      The One-Less-Penny Blues (Subtraction) – It All Adds Up
      The Pizza Eating Alligator– Jennifer Fixman

      Random Subtraction Quiz– Alan Stern
      Step Back: Counting Back to Subtract– Carl M. Sherrill
      Subtract and Step On Ones Rap– Music with Mar.
      Subtract with an Addition Fact– Jennifer Fixman
      Subtracting by One: One Less Penny– It All Adds Up
      Subtraction– Jeff Schroeder

      Twelve Flying Subtracting Bees– Music with Mar.
      Two Subtracting Marching Ants– Music with Mar.
      When the Box is in the Front– Kathleen Wiley
      When You Are SubtractingLearning Math by Song

Money and Coin Songs that Teach Addition and Subtraction Facts
and Concepts

      15 Cents– Music, Math and Money
      It Starts with a Penny– Music with Mar.
      Money Counts– It All Adds Up
      Subtracting by One: One Less Penny– It All Adds Up
      The U.S. Money Song– Tim Pacific

Teaching the Concept of Place Value in Addition and Subtraction
      Columns– Arnold Rosenthal
      What Place?– Learning Math by Song

Teaching How to Solve Word Problems
      Adding and Subtracting Vocabulary– Jim Thompson
      Solving "Real Life" Problems– Jeff Schroeder
Solving Word ProblemsLearning Math by Song

Math Books
      Math Facts to the MAX! – Carl Sherrill
      MatheMagical Showtime! – Carl Sherrill
      RiddleMath – Carl Sherrill

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              Multiplication and Skip-Counting Songs

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