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The Pizza-Eating Alligator
Song for Teaching About Early Math Concepts
Jennifer Fixman

This song is available on Jennifer Fixman's We Love Math with Miss Jenny.

Hey, boys and girls, I’ve got a story to tell
About a funny alligator that you know so well
I eat pizza all day and I eat it at night
I’m the pizza-eatin’ gator—You’ve got it right.

I’d like some now and I’d love some later.
I’m the pizza-eating alligator.
He’s the pizza-eating alligator.
He’s the pizza-eating alligator.

If I had 1 pizza, and I ate 3 more, how many pizzas is that?
If I just ate 4 and then I eat 5, how many pizzas is that?
What if I then added 3?
Now, that’s 12 pizzas just for me.

But what if I gave you 1? Now what’s left?

I love that pizza. Pizza’s the best.
I could eat it all day and never rest.


I eat pizza all day...

Teaching Tips:
      The Pizza-Eating Alligator is a fun character who teaches children concepts of addition, subtraction, greater than, and less than. He appears several times on the We Love Math CD.
      Print the PDF version of this song (coming soon) for a more “kid-friendly” song sheet. You may re-use the alligator art for class projects.

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Many thanks to Jennifer Fixman for permission to display these lyrics.
©Jennifer Fixman. All rights reserved.

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