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My Apothem
Area of Polygons; Using the apothem to find the area of regular polygons
The Trigs

This song is available on The Trigs' [geometric]

I wanna find the area / of my polygon
I know that it is regular
I am gonna need to know / the length of my apothem
And then use the perimeter

So Carl's got a pentagon, just hangin' in his room
It's gettin' kinda boring, so he wants to paint it blue
Now, Carl is all stingy, he don't want to spend a lot
so he decides to try to find how much blue paint he's gonna want
He measures the apothem, on his pentagon
Five and a half inches is the measure that he's got
And to find perimeter he measures all the sides
And 40 total inches is what he finds

Gennifer is curious, she likes to find out facts
Like the area of the octagon that's painted on the back
Of the barn that she passes when she is walking to school
So she finally decides on what it is she'd like to do
She measures the apothem of the octagon, you see
And finds the measurement's about 10.9 feet
She measures that nine feet is one side of the octagon
And finally she uses all she knows in the equation

Carl plugs all that he knows into the formula
Area is half perimeter times apothem
So he solves the problem and finds the area of paint
That he needs is 110 square inches
And what about Gennifer and her giant octagon?
She plugs all that she knows into the same equation
The area she finds is three hundred ninety two
Point four square feet, I am telling you



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Many thanks to The Trigs for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© The Trigs. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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