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The Measurements I Know
Indirect Measurement; Using Indirect Measurement and Proportions
to Find the Height of an Object
The Trigs

This song is available on The Trigs' [geometric]

I'd like to know the height of / The tree out in my backyard
But I don't have a way to / Measure something that large
So here's what I will do / I'll stick a stick into the ground
'Cause I can measure that and then / use indirect measurement
To find / the height / of the tree

Because I can measure the shadows of / the tree and the stick which will help because
The shadows and the heights make similar triangles
So all I need to do is solve / a proportion that pulls together all
The measurements that I know

The height of the stick, well, it is 4 feet / and its shadow it is only three
So I can make a ratio / to show both of the facts I know
The shadow of the tree is 15 feet / and the height is something of a mystery
So I'll make the exact same ratio / height over shadow and we're ready to go
and find / the height / of the tree

First I will cross-multiply / and then I will need to divide
And then I will know the tree's height
When I multiply I get / 3x = 60 then
I divide and find the height is 20 feet (20 feet)



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Many thanks to The Trigs for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© The Trigs. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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