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Hello 'Round the World
Song for Teaching "Hello" in Many Languages
David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans


(Spoken intro:)
If you wanted to say "hello" to everyone on the planet, you would have to learn almost 3000 languages and greet around 7 billion people.
(Chorus – with echo:)
Aloha                                                  Hawaiian
Bonjour                                               French
Dumela            (doo-MAY-lah)           Tswana (Southern Africa)

(Verse 1:)
Around the world, when people meet
In a home or on the street
They say hello and it’s so neat
So many different ways to greet
Hola                (oh-la)                          Spanish
Shalom                                                Hebrew
Konichiwa       (ko-nee-chee-wah)      Japanese

(Verse 2:)
Some wave “hi” and some shake hands
Some bow down and some just stand
Applaud, embrace or kiss a hand
So many ways in different lands

Jambo              (jahm-bow)                  Swahili
Salaam                                                 Arabic
Kaixo              (kai-show)                   Basque (Spain)

(Verse 3:)
Greeting the young or greeting the old
You can be shy or you can be bold
An “r” can be flat or it can be rolled
But a smile is the same around the world

Hello                                                   English
Terve               (tehr-vay)                    Finnish
Privyet             (preev-yet)                   Russian
Namaste          (nah-mas-tay)              Hindi (India)

At the break of day or when the sun goes down
An elder or a child, a stranger or a friend
In the South or the East, in the North or the West
How we say hello, it all depends -

Hello, Hello
Molo, Molo                                                     Xhosa (South Africa)
Ni hao, Ni hao             (nee how)                    Mandarin (China)
Zdravo                        (zdrah-vo)                   Slovenian

Hello, Hello
God dag, God dag      (go dag)                       Norwegian
Aqui, Aqui                  (ah-kee)                       Mohican
Guten tag                    (goo-ten tahg)             German

Hello, Hello
Hey mon, Hey mon                                         Jamaican
Iakwe, Iakwe              (ya-kway)                    Marshallese (Marshall Islands)
Chao ban                     (dow bahn)                  Vietnamese
Konichiwa                   (ko-nee-chee-wah)      Japanese
Namaste                      (nah-mas-tay)              Hindi




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Many thanks to Two of a Kind for permission to display these lyrics.
© 2011 David & Jenny Heitler-Klevans. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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