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The Mitten

Inspired by the book The Mitten by Jan Brett
Stephanie Burton

This song is available on Stephanie Burton's Wiggle, Giggle and Learn

There was a little mouse that was walking in the snow,
She was very, very cold; she had no place to go,
‘Til she saw a mitten and climbed inside,
And there she stayed for a very long time.

Then came a bunny that was hopping in the snow,
He was very, very cold; he had no place to go,
“Til he saw a mitten and climbed inside,
And there the two friends stayed for a very long time.

So snuggle up and cuddle up and wiggle all around,
Make lots of room in the lovely house you’ve found,
It may be just a mitten but it’s a home to you.
It safe and warm inside.

Along came a fox with her friend the bear,
They saw the mitten laying there,
They asked if there was any more space,
Then wiggled and wiggled ‘til there was a place


Well that poor mitten it was stretched a lot.
When along came a chipmunk looking for a spot,
It climbed right up on the big bear’s nose,
Which made the bear sneeze (achoo-o-o!)
And the mitten explode!

New Chorus:
They tumbled out and stumbled out
And landed in the snow;
The mitten was now gone.
They had nowhere to go.
So they said their sweet good-byes and went
along their way,
That bright and snowy day.


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Many thanks to Stephanie Burton for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Panda Bear Publications. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

The Mitten © Jan Brett. All rights reserved.

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