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Songs for a August Theme Unit
Song suggestions for the month of August.

The songs on this page are compiled from a variety of different artists and albums. We have grouped them together to help you narrow your search.

These August songs teach about summer weather, camping, the beach, and back to school.

Lyric Pages

En el bosque- Language Leaders
Mosquito- Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions– Ben Stiefel
People Like It When I Say "Hi"– Cathy Bollinger
Picnic – Exploring Language through Song and Play
School is Cool– Lauren Mayer
School Song– Kathleen Wiley
She Likes Ice Cream – Tim Christenbury
Start this Day with a Song– Jack Hartmann
Track Detective– Jeff Wolin

August also has these Month Long Observances:

American Artist Appreciation Month
  See our Art songs

National Inventors Month
  See our Biographical songs

National Water Quality Month
  See our songs about Water Conservation and Clean Water

First Week of August - National Clown Week
  See our Silly Songs

Second Week of August
- National Apple Week
  See our Fruit songs
- National Smile Week
  See our Positive Attitudes songs

Third Week of August - American Dance Week
  See our Dance & Movement songs

Holidays for the Month of August

August 1st
- Francis Scott Key's Birthday

  See our vocal song, The Star Spangled-Banner
- Respect for Parents Day
  See our Family and Character Education songs
- Sports Day
  See our songs about Sports

August 3rd - National Watermelon Day
  See our Fruit songs

August 5th
- American Family Day

  See our Family songs
- Friendship Day
  See our Friendship songs

August 6th - Wiggle Your Toes Day
  See our Preschool Action songs

August 8th - Dollar Day
  See our songs about Money

August 9th - Book Lovers Day
  See our songs inspired by Children's Literature

August 10th - Herbert Hoover's Birthday
  See our songs about US Presidents

August 19th -
- Orville Wright's Birthday

  See our Biographical songs
- Bill Clinton's Birthday
  See our songs about US Presidents

August 26th - National Dog Day
  See our Pet songs

August 27th - Banana Lovers Day
  See our Fruit songs


All Year- Intelli-tunes 
En la playa (The Beach)- Language Leaders
French - À la plage (Beach)- Language Leadrs
Learning the Four Seasons
Months- Listen & Learn
Rhythms & Rhymes for Special Times- Jack Hartmann
Vamos al campo (Camping)- Language Leaders

E-Books and Musical Plays
Spring and Summer Songs and Poems

See more songs for Theme Units.



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