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Dance Songs
Dance and Movement Songs for Children

These fun dance songs are available from a variety of albums:

      Ants in Your Pants (Exercise and Rest)– Caroline and Danny
      Boogie Woogie Bones– Exercise Your Smarts
      The Bubble Wrap Stomp– Stephanie Burton
      The Bunny Hop– Children’s All-Time Rhythm Favorites
      Can You Can Can?– Pam Minor
      Can You Move Like Me?– Caroline and Danny
      Chicken Fat– Children’s All-Time Rhythm Favorites
      Circle of Friends Medley– Judy Leonard
      Clap Your Hands!– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      Come, Play That Music– Margie La Bella
      Crossover - Latin– Jack Hartmann
      Dance Party at the Zoo– Tuned Into Learning: Adapted Dance & Movement
      Dance the Day Away (dance version)– Vincent Nunes
      Dancer in the Middle– Colleen and Uncle Squaty
      Dancin’ DuckJack Capon & Rosemary Hallum, Ph.D.
      Dancing Disco DogsMusic with Mar.
      Do the RobotTuned Into Learning: Adapted Dance & Movement
      Doctor, Doctor– Skip West
      Do You Speak Music?– Judy Leonard
      Family Dance– Dr. Thomas Moore
      Food Group Boogie– Pam Minor
      Get Up and Sing!– Amy Michelle & Friends
      Hand Clap Rap– Jack Hartmann
      Hear Me Sing; Watch Me DanceMusic with Mar.
      Hear That Beat– Pam Minor
      Here We Go Loopty Loo (Funky Version)– Caroline and Danny
      Higgeldy DanceDebbie Clement
      Just For Fun– Marilyn M. Linford
      La Raspa– Traditional Children's Dance
      Manuel The Great– Vincent Nunes
      Maraca Rock– Listen and Learn
      Maracas - I Love That Sound– Dianne Baker
      Marching Band– Debbie Clement
      Parade March– Caroline and Danny
      Play Your InstrumentsStephanie Burton
      Preschool Rocks!Wendy Rollin   
      Raise the Roof– Tuned Into Learning: Adapted Dance & Movement
      Reindeer Shuffle– Susan Harrison
      Rumble To the Bottom– Colleen and Uncle Squaty
      Shoes– Andy Z
      Skipping Along– Battersby Duo
      Tap Tap Your Rhythm Sticks– Listen and Learn
      Teddy Bear Hip-Hop– Jack Hartmann
      Valentine's Day Party Dance– Jack Hartmann
      What Dance You Wanna Do?– Colleen & Uncle Squaty
      Who Is That? PolkaWendy Rollin
      Who Wants to Dance– Tuned Into Learning: Adapted Dance & Movement
      Wiggy Wiggy Wiggles– Hap Palmer

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      Circle Time Songs

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Music Products

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