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Can You Move Like Me?
Children's Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Caroline and Danny

This song is available on Caroline and Danny's Shake and Bake: Music of Fitness and Food.

Hey, can you reach up high?
I can reach up high
Can you reach down low?
I can reach down low
Can you wiggle your fingers?
I can wiggle my fingers 
Like you’re making pizza dough
Like I'm making pizza dough

Up high
down low
down low
up high
Here we go

We can move
We can move
We can move like this
We can groove
We can groove
We can groove like this
We can shake like a milkshake
Buzz like a bee
Hey everybody can you move like me

Can you jump to the front?
I can jump to the front
Can you jump to the back?
I can jump to the back
Take a slide to the side
Like a train on a track
Jump front/Jump Back/Jump front/Jump Back
Front-back-front-back-You got the knack


Can you move real fast?
I can move real fast
Can you move real slow?
I can move real slow
Can you jiggle your body?
Like a glob of jello
Move fast/Move slow/Move faster/Move slow
Here we go!


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Many thanks to Caroline and Dannyfor permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Caroline Figiel & Danny Jones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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