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Penguin Party
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Listen & Learn


We’re having a penguin party,
Let’s give our flippered friends a cheer.
From South America, Antarctica,
New Zealand, Africa, they’re here.

They huddle in a group called a creche to stay warm,
And have fuzzy brown feathers called down when they’re born.

Emperor penguins have a blue-grey back,
With yellow ear patches and throat.
They only lay one egg, and have a special call,
In the water they stay dry ‘cause of the oil on their coat.


They have short little legs, and long tails it’s true,
And their short stiff wings help ‘em swim the ocean blue.

King penguins have a silver-grey back,
They’re the second largest penguin around.
White belly, black-brown head, and a little orange too,
They eat fish and stay warm ‘cause of their blubber and down.


They waddle when they walk and stand upright,
They don’t fly, but their jumping and sliding’s outta sight!

Adelie penguins live in Antarctica,
They’re the smallest of the penguins there.
A short black and red bill, white ring around the eye,
They eat snow, swim fast, and sled everywhere.


They have to watch out for leopard seals, sharks and whales too,
And guard their eggs so sea birds don’t steal ‘em, it’s true.

Chinstrap penguins are aggressive and loud,
On the bottom of their chin they have a thin black stripe.
The most numerous species has a high-pitched call,
They’re they boldest type of penguin, most likely to fight.


They carry things to build nests with their beaks so sharp and strong,
And their heavy solid bones help them dive and swim along.

Rockhopper penguins have a little black tuft on their head
Their bright crest is like eyebrows and they have red eyes.
They hop over crevices and rocks on the shore,
They’re loud and quick to attack, despite their small size.


They live on ice, and sand, and the rocky coast,
In all kinds of climates, they’ve adapted the most.

Macaroni penguins have a yellow-orange crest
A black throat, and black feathers on their cheeks,
Named for feathered explorers like the “Yankee Doodle” song,
They build nests in mud and gravel by scraping along.


Their bellies are white and their heads are black,
To help soak up the sun and shield them from attack.

Little blue penguins are a blue-grey shade,
And they’re the smallest penguins of all.
They leave their parents at 5 weeks old,
Only weigh two pounds and stand seventeen inches tall.

We’re having a penguin party,
Let’s give our flippered friends a cheer.
From South America, Antarctica,
New Zealand, Africa, they’re here.

Emperor, King, Adelie, Chinstrap,
Rockhopper, Macaroni, Little Blue...

One more cheer: hip, hip hooray!
For each and every one of you.


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Many thanks to Rachel Rambach for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Rachel Rambach. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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