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The Night Froggies Flew
Fun Frog Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Desquaw Woody (Brian Schellinger)      

This song is available on Colleen & Uncle Squaty's Fingerplays, Movement & Story Songs

The froggies were sleeping and it was early on.
They were sittin' on lilly pads at the bottom of the pond.
When things started buzzin' they covered their eyes,
and the lilly pads started to rise.

Well they didn't have a car, and they didn't really have a plane,
they had little green magic carpets and they all formed a little green train.
Then they grabbed the edge of the lilly pad, and they used it
for a steering wheel, and then they all took off across the field.

Froggies on lilly pads me oh my, Froggies flying across the sky.
Flying saucers and froggies too. 'Twas the night that froggies flew.

Well they slowed right down when they came to the farm.
Everybody ran for cover when they came around the barn.
And the farm dog thought he saw little green men.
So he chased them through the clothes line and back again.


It was cows in the barn yard, it was chickens in the coop.
It was mice in the meadow, it was pigs in the soup.
They met all kinds of new friends as they flew on through the night.
And it was froggies and fishes come the morning light.

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Many thanks to Colleen & Uncle Squaty for permission to display these lyrics.
© Colleen & Uncle Squaty. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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